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  • Located in Melbourne, Victoria
  • Co-working space


  • Hard to reach small business community  with conventional communication channels
  • Needed a medium that could break  through the noise
  • Emails not capturing attention


  • VidCorp video platform enabled The  Cluster to capture attention by engaging audience directly
  • The Cluster was able to distribute the  video content and analyse results on one single platform


  • 26% increase in event response rates
  • 16% increase in event attendance
  • 100% event capacity for the first time
  • Gained new members

How The Cluster gets the attention of Australia’s busy entrepreneurs and business leaders

The Cluster was founded in 2010 on the idea of creating an atmosphere in which small businesses can thrive. Today The Cluster is Australia’s leading co-working space, providing more than 1600m² of state-of-the-art office space to some of the country’s most entrepreneurial companies. To further empower its community, The Cluster team has expanded its focus to events that attract the best speakers in business.

“You don’t need to go to professional photographers or videographers, it’s so simple that you can create a video in 30 seconds just using your iPhone. Do it now before everyone else finds out about it. You’ll stick out. You’ll get your replies, and you’ll get your feedback – don’t do it through email because no one wants to see another newsletter.”

– Amber Holmes, General Manager

The Challenge: Not another unread email and missed opportunity

At its core, The Cluster supports a community of businesses all aiming to disrupt and evolve their industries. The entrepreneurs and people within this small business community are hard to reach with conventional communication channels.

With the launch of its event program imminent, The Cluster needed to find a communications medium that could not only break through the noise but also be compelling enough to inspire recipients to find time to attend valuable knowledgeable and networking events at the Cluster.

Emails were proving to not capture entrepreneur’s attention when reviewing engagement with open and click through rates. The value of their events were not being conveyed via email therefore the question was asked, could provoke curiosity with video?

VidCorp technology to the rescue

In consultation with a VidCorp Account Manager & due to time constraints, The Cluster delivered a video message directly to their audience’s phone via SMS, engaging them with instantly through visual content with an immediacy to RSVPs. The entire process from the end user was short, sharp and compelling. VidCorp’s video communications platform enabled The Cluster to cut through the noise and capture the entrepreneur’s attention. The Cluster was able to distribute their video content, engage their audience and analyse the effectiveness of the recipients through one single platform, in minutes and without needing a Ph.D. to use it.

“With VidCorp video campaigns are easy, hassle-free and intuitive. You certainly don’t have to be a techie to use the platform.”

– Amber Holmes, General Manager

VidCorp technology to the rescue

Using VidCorp to send personalised video SMS invitations, track and manage engagement with smart analytics, and collect attendee information for future direct marketing campaigns, The Cluster event resulted in its first full house.

The results speak for themselves:

  • 26% increase in event response rates
  • 16% increase in event attendance
  • 100% event capacity for the first time

Plus, The Cluster gained new members because of their communication savvy.