Empowering You With Mobile Analytics

A stand-alone and API driven all-in-one platform designed to help businesses engage with their customers and staff through visual and personalised mobile experiences.

Connect through our Enterprise-Grade

Bulk SMS Gateway

Cut through the clutter with hyper-targeted personalised SMS campaigns:

  • Cloud based & scalable
  • Cost effective
  • Reliable, resilient and high throughput capability
  • Use our secure and simple Web / mobile portal, our REST API’s or email to SMS functionality to send messages
People open SMS messages at a 98 percent rate and the average response time for a message is 90 seconds.
VidCorp SMS campaign creation page

Connect, Capture and Drive Action

Customers & staff attention and time availability have never been more cluttered than they are today. We help you transition from traditional plain text, non-engaging, non-measurable SMS messages, towards creating visual & personalised experiences on mobile with engagement tools such as;

  • Video content, images, PDF’s, catalogues and presentations
  • Surveys, NPS & lead generation forms
  • In-App re-directs
  • Gamification concepts
  • Augmented Reality
  • Social media integrations
Go beyond relevance and start a multi-dimensional conversation with your audience – all from a single platform.
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Gain Valuable Customer Insights in Real Time

Effortlessly and intimately track how your mobile engagement strategy:

  • Simple and easy interface
  • Download data and graphs directly from the platform
  • Get a 360-degree real-time view of every action or non-action
  • Pinpoint individuals to uncover detailed viewer behaviour
  • Discover the best days and time to engage customers & staff
  • Use our data to determine return on investment
Data is the new oil, however, if it is not used properly it is worthless. It is our duty to ensure you have the right data to make the right business decisions.
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Grow your business through targeted and personalised mobile experiences

From engaging your staff to closing customers, VidCorp helps you unleash unparalleled messaging across your business.



Use our tools and their respective data insights to reach and influence more people. The fusion of video content & our engagement tools converts interest into action faster than any other medium.


Corporate Communication

In the hustle and bustle of corporate life, email is quickly skimmed or forgotten. Strategic SMS messages with video, pdf’s and or surveys – viewable on the go – in the taxi, at the airport, in-between meetings is the only way to get cut through and immediate responses.


Human Resources / OHS

Use video content and surveys via mobile to revolutionise on-boarding, recruitment, and internal communication processes. Boost employee engagement, maintain audit trial data and reduce incidents of workplace injuries and work cover claims.


Real Estate

Combine video content, lead generation forms and social media integrations with SMS to reach more buyers. Use our analytics to identify warm leads.


Training & Education

Video has replaced the textbook as the ultimate gateway to knowledge. Retain interest and enhance information retention with snackable and compelling learning content.



Don’t let your offers fall on deaf ears. Use video and multi-channel distribution to reach your customers’ hearts (and phones). Plus, include surveys and downloadable content like pdf’s, directions and event apps .

Wonderful technical support and service! VidCorp’s passionate team go above and beyond to ensure we achieve our communication goals. It’s nice to know help is just a phone call away!

Silvio Georgio GM Operations & Programs

Vidcorp provides us with the opportunity to connect & support our members using video communications quickly and personally. The platform is very easy intuitive and easy to use

Louse Weine National Director

The VidCorp integrated solution gives us a reliable, direct and personal communication platform allowing us to engage our prospects as well as decrease the listing to lease and or sales journey!

Natalie de Bomford Executive Assistant

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