VidCorp is a global leader in mobile engagement and customer experience. We work closely with businesses of all sizes to ensure they have the strategy and tools to achieve enviable commercial outcomes.

Our vision is to craft the smartest, most agile SMS & mobile engagement platform globally.

Marketing Reach

This is not a job, it’s a calling

VidCorp is an innovative & data driven SaaS platform born out of the need to revolutionise simple text based SMS messaging. An ethos sparked by our founder and now expressed daily by the entire VidCorp team.


Complex is a dirty word

What good is pioneering technology if it requires a Ph.D. to use? We believe that the nuts and bolts should be invisible, we focus on creating a platform that is powerful, intuitive and effortless to use.


In unity there is power

We know firsthand how cumbersome, costly and ineffective corporate communications can be. Part of our mission is platform unification. Agility and efficiency come from harmony, this means building a single platform that handles everything.

Direct Marketing

We are grounded in community

We pull out all the stops to ensure our customers love our platform. We listen. Collaboration drives our evolution. This approach has helped win us the trust of global businesses ranging from telco’s, retail giants and professional services firms right through to your local real estate agent and physiotherapist.