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Building a Community

As a small business, we strive to incorporate all voices at all levels into our final product. Collaborating with passionate, hard-working, and exciting team members inspires us to be at our best all the time! At VidCorp, we share our space with numerous other entrepreneurs and growth business’, allowing us to build networks and close friendships with a broad range of companies, peoples and industries. We encourage you to be asking questions, to constantly be focusing on customer and stakeholder relationships, and always driving us to grow and succeed.

Silly VidCorp staff group photo
Group photo of VidCorp staff

What we Value in our Team

As a community we aim to ensure mutual respect, and a high level of communication. We value those who are keenly innovative, and pushing for simplicity over unnecessary complexity in our services. We are transparent and integrate integrity in all our objectives and relationships at all times. Whilst we are the thought leaders and experts in tech communications, we aim to ensure we stay that way whilst maintaining our customer first culture and values. We want all of our team and to be informed of the company vision and our customers to become educated and well-informed of the video communications industry, their capabilities and the platform.

Current Openings and Expression of Interest


PHP Backend Developer              Melbourne, AU

Integration Specialist                 Melbourne, AU

Developers, front                       Melbourne, AU

WordPress Specialist                  Melbourne, AU

Product Manager                       Melbourne, AU



Sales Manager                          Melbourne, AU

Account Manager                      Melbourne, AU

Data Analysts                           Melbourne, AU



Digital Marketers                          Melbourne, AU

Search Marketing specialists         Melbourne, AU

Social Media/Email Marketers        Melbourne, AU

Conversion Rate Optimisers          Melbourne, AU

Data Analysts                              Melbourne, AU


Digital Media

Videographer/ Photographer        Melbourne, AU

Copywriter/Scriptwriters              Melbourne, AU