Learn About VidCorp's Vision and Purpose

Ryan Berman: I established a business, and in progression and evolution of that business, we saw a massive opportunity for an online video platform specifically designed around security, reliability, and simplicity, and that enabled businesses to use it day in and day out. We have created a simple way for our clients to deliver the right message to the right person at the right time on any device.

Karl Deitz: It solves a problem by giving you, whether you’re a marketer, a communicator, or a business owner, the transparency and the visibility to understand exactly what your audience is thinking and exactly what your audience is doing. You do not need any IT skills. You tell the platform what you want, and it delivers. And then you’ve got access to all of the data. You can now adapt future messaging based on what your audience did. You’re reaching them through one of the most familiar touch points, it’s their mobile phone. It’s also delivered through one of the most highly consumed channels, which of course is video.

Ryan Berman: Mobile devices are getting smarter and more efficient. This means that video marketing to mobile devices is going to grow exponentially. The time for effective communication and marketing is right now. We’re proud to say that we’ve built a platform that makes it possible for you to become market leaders in mobile and video communication.

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