Many buyers today take the time to watch a video or short clip of the car they are researching, before they go and buy it.

As consumers, we depend on our vehicles to get us from point A to point B reliably and safely. Videos are great sales enablement influencers showcasing the car design, colours, features, comfort and lifestyle benefits their target audience is wanting. Video and video marketing acts as a tangible persona builder for a car brand.




Whether you are ready or not, video is the key to the future of car and automotive products. 78% of new car buyers will watch a video of the car before deciding on their next purchase.

At VidCorp, we combine your video and marketing needs into one SaaS platform. We provide the mobile tools for you to communicate with dealerships and customers across the globe in multiple languages, allowing you to reach out to your customers with targeted marketing campaigns. Whether Video is showcasing new features in next year’s models or creating a call-to-action to take a test drive using our proprietary booking form systems, communication becomes much more effective when you can target  your messages and control your campaigns all in one simple to use platform.

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Customise your Landing Page

Having the capability to customise, brand, and create a landing page for your video is a sure way to  engage your target audience effectively whilst controlling your viewer once they have completed the video.

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Utilise In-Platform Tracking and Insights

Track car video consumption and other important consumer data in one place so that you can identify what marketing efforts are working and which need improvement. This type of real-time data enables salespeople to identify and reach out to hot leads who are interested and ready to make their purchase.

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Build Trust and Develop Customer Loyalty

Targeted video messaging helps build emotional bonds, brand alliance via aspirational marketing  and a relationship with customers. Customer want to receive relevant messages at the right time  so ensure you give them what they want when they want it.

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Add Key Interactive Forms

Getting direct feedback from customers and potentials buyers is a great way to show them you care and want them to interact with you, not just watch your videos. This can be easily accomplished by including forms, questionnaires in your marketing materials.

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Distribute Your Messages Via Mobile and Direct Marketing

SMS and email allow for consumption on the go via a smartphone. With VidCorp, you can easily personalisze and manage your automotive campaigns in one place while tracking the customer interaction.

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Stand Out From the Competition

The auto industry is a competitive marketplace. Video can help you stand out from your competitors and grab the immediate attention of customers.

With VidCorp, you can integrate all your mobile marketing needs in one SaaS cloud based platform. We make it easy for you interact with your customers and help them feel engaged. You are more than just a brand, utilise videos to  highlight your brand personality while connecting with potential buyers.