If you are in the beauty industry, video communcations is a visually engaging way to showcase makeup applications, eyelash extensions and other beauty practices. Consumers of these products love learning about new techniques and hot beauty trends look are actionable through video tutorials. One of the most popular forms of YouTube content is the video tutorial, especially ‘how-to’ demos and promotions. According to YouTube (1), more than 1 billion unique users visit YouTube each month, spending more than 4 billion hours watching videos.




With such a buzz around video content these days, beauty bloggers and specialists can easily get lost in a sea of cat-eye tutorials and video advertisements. In order to get your beauty videos to stand out, you need to step up your marketing campaign initiatives.  VidCorp can help.  Our all in one video platform can help distribute your video content and tutorials via SMS, email and social media directly reaching the right audience at the right time.  The beauty industry has an endless amount of topics to highlight and educate the audience through video due to its popularity and the ever-changing array of beauty products and trends hitting the market daily.

Video also allows for the easy promotion of your brand, and helps build your authority and trust as a beauty industry leader with your customers. An additional benefit of video tutorials and promotion is that is makes it easier to clearly show how products are designed to work and benefit.

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Target Your Marketing Efforts

VidCorp’s platform enables you to segment and direct your marketing efforts to different audiences. Using mobile channels such as SMS, email and social media, you can distribute content to the right customer at the right time. With video tutorials and other marketing product and promotional content, you can send customers videos that appeal to them during their decision making process. 


Utilise Appointment Reminders

Prepare clients for upcoming appointments with not only reminders of the date and time via SMS, but add a video about new products or beauty trends to consider treatment or purchase on the day of the appointment gaining greater revenue and sales.  

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Create Excitement for Upcoming Events

 VidCorp makes it easy to build excitement and create buzz around your next event. Whether it is a  new product launch or a birthday, you’ll be able to use surveys for RSVPs, dietary requirements and have all the digital communication tools you need in one easy to use place.

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Create How to Tips and Trick Campaigns

 How-to videos are one of the most watched categories on YouTube. Differentiate from your competitors when you simply and effectively create and distribute before and after videos, or tips and trick and how to videos to showcase your knowledge on the latest Hollywood actresses trends and styles on eye makeup or matching eye shadow to your nail polish.

Use VidCorp to not only demo products for launches, but to create intrigue through the power of video. Whether you are creating video tutorials or launching a new beauty product, your campaigns will be seen and your message will stand out.