Utilising new video communication SaaS cloud based technologies in the construction industry aids in productivity as it enables construction teams, civil engineers, builders and customers to connect via their mobile device efficiently and effectively while onsite, on the road or in the office. A video messaging solution aids in reducing operational and maintenance costs with direct mobile messaging on the go. Whether it’s the communications aims at reducing workplace accidents, the travel time costs, reduction in defects or simply staffing and rostering, VidCorps makes it all possible.

VidCorp Construction demo

VidCorp Construction demo

VidCorp Construction demo

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Reduce Workplace Accidents

Reduced worksite accidents is easy with direct mobile video communications. Simply by reinforcing OH&S safety training and procedures via bite size video content, enables site workers and contractors to always be on the lookout and aware of work site risks and rectify them before an unfortunate event occurs. Insights and analysis of VidCorp’s platform provides visibility on whether the contractors, employees, and wider team have watched the training videos and if not, you can resend to them individually.


Reduction in Defects

A major cost and inefficiency at completion of a construction or building project is defects. The aim of all best in class construction companies is to deliver a project with nil defects. With an all in one mobile video communications platform, using forms and questionnaires to gather data and create checklists during each milestone of the project journey can aid to capture anything that may have otherwise slipped through the gaps. Australian research (Newton, 1998) revealed that 65% of contractor-rework is attributed to inadequate, unsuitable and/or contradictory information (1).

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Reduce Travel Time and Costs

VidCorp’s unique mobile video distribution platform minimises travel time to retrieve or deliver information. In one simple SMS or email, your admin staff can not only send video but also such as attached PDFs of architectural plans, images, PowerPoint presentations along with compliance or feedback forms. Improve productivity and efficiency by reducing travel costs and time resulting in less manpower on site.

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Reduce Operational Costs

VidCorp’s mobile video uploader, allows civil engineers, designers and contractors to easily upload video content to the platform for easy distribution.Promote efficiency and immediacy in tasks, reduce time in retyping documents, costs in stationary and postage by securely distributing video on a dedicated landing page with photos, PDF reports and PowerPoint documents direct to the right person, at the right time on the right device.

In recent times, the building and construction sector has faced a number of pressures to decrease costs, improve productivity and gain competitive edge through improved quality resulting in greater customer service and satisfaction. VidCorp’s advanced SaaS mobile technology paves the way by housing all the communications needs from hosting, mobile distribution, engagement and analytics. A simple to use all in one communication platform, offer the ability to significantly building time, costs, defects, accidents, whilst improving efficiency and productivity