With the onslaught of social media based videos, sometimes it’s incorrectly dismissed as a pure entertainment form of media. While audiences do love and share entertaining videos, they are also receptive to learning from them as well. With endless statistics telling us about the boost in engagement, retention, and interest video provides, the use of videos in education is the next big step in improving the way both children and adults learn in our technological age.



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Video works well in education for a variety of reasons. It provides a flexible teaching medium that allows staff and students to learn at their own pace, when it is most convenient for them. This is why the number of people with university and college education has increased significantly since the introduction of online higher learning. Additionally, videos are praised in the education and internal communications field for facilitating learning and problem solving effectively.

Video changes the way staff and students learn, boosts attendance, creates stronger alumni relations, increases the chance for success and influence learning outcomes the increase the student experience overall.

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Use Questionnaires and Surveys for Testing

Ensure that students understand and are retaining what they learn by utilising questionnaires and surveys for quizzes and tests. You can easily see the results in real time (and track who still needs to answer) within the VidCorp platform.

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Easy Landing Page Creation

Direct students to the correct information with easy-to-create landing pages. With education, you want to make things as easy to find so those learning aren’t shuffling through documents or scouring your website to find what they are looking for. In the long run, landing pages provide the ability to drive the learner directly to the quiz, a PDF or a specific section of the website via a relevant text or email. 

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Embrace Micro Learning

With video, your staff and students can experience all the benefits associated with micro learning. This medium allows people to consume bite-sized content while on the train, on the way home from work or on their lunch break. Flexibility is one of the most attractive parts of learning for many students.

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Create and Store Videos for Future Use

With VidCorp, you can create and store training, videos for years to come. Having all your content in one location will make it easy to connect with your audience and send them relevant video and class information.

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Secure Storage Options

VidCorp provides a secure solution for your video content to be hosted and stored safely, ensuring your course notes and tests are not compromised.

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Utilise Insights and Analytics

Unlike the traditional method of seeing who is attending class (keeping a roster or doing a roll call) you can track students learning and video viewing habits with detailed analytics. You can view these stats on a larger scale or look at the individual habits of each student.

Video is quickly changing the way students, teachers and training managers view education. Retention rates are higher and students are more willing to learn when they can do it at their own pace. If you’re ready to embrace the power of videos in education, let VidCorp help make the transition an easy one for you.