The energy and utilities sectors are in the midst of digital transformation. Traditional communication channels are no longer effective nor cost efficient. Unique cloud based SaaS mobile video communication tools such as VidCorp have become critical tools to meet business objectives and customer needs.

Energy VidCorp Demo

Energy VidCorp Demo

Energy VidCorp Demo

Competition is hot with new market players providing customers greater choice altering their preferences and buying behaviours. To stay ahead of the curve and gain or maintain market share, utility and energy companies must transform their internal and external communication strategies and streamline their operational processes to communicate and be effective and efficient. Video mobile communications offers new opportunities to improve customer knowledge, drive sales, and personalises workforce messaging to aid internal operations and productivity.


Payment Reminders and Debt Collection

Notify your customers of their bill and payment options via video SMS. A low-cost payment reminder can prompt customers of their upcoming or overdue bill. VidCorp’s mobile communication platform with its inbuilt forms and downloadable PDFs enables easy and quick billing and a two-way communication for payment plans if required.

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Improve Customer Service and Brand Loyalty

Implement mobile video Net Promoter Score system and enable customers to take surveys, report service disruptions, or even update their account information and request a service or address change all on their mobile devices while on the go.

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Increase Remote Worker Safety

Reliable and efficient communications are critical to maintain and progress safety and security standards of field energy and head office personnel. VidCorp’s mobile video messaging solution acts as a team safety solution that enables video collaboration between head office, support teams and field workers for safety training, emergency response and messaging with rapid response.

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Public Outage Notifications and Disruption Updates

Australia endures many natural disasters from bush fires to floods affecting many household’s electricity and gas connections during the times they most need it. Keep customers informed with urgent emergency alerts, community announcements and prevention awareness notifications including outages, closures and estimated timelines for service repairs with VidCorp’s personalised mobile video communications platform.

You can greatly benefit from integrating VidCorp with your CRM to manage all your communication and video campaigns. Educate, remind and appeal to consumers easily through effective mobile communication.

VidCorp is not just another SaaS technology platform; it’s the solution that makes fast mobile video communications easy and possible.