Fitness videos can boost client results, motivate them for program success, and earn your greater client engagement, relationship and loyalty. The challenge traditionally has been to have the right technologies and tools to enable building consistent fitness and wellbeing campaigns effectively and easily. VidCorp’s all in one video mobile communications platform is a simple solution to communicating with your fitness fanatic clients or those motivated by their health and well-being. You no longer need the help of anyone else, VidCorp enables you to be a digital marketer communicating directly with your client database, creating your own campaigns without the need to learn any code.




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Membership Renewal Reminders

Bulk SMS your membership renewals to ensure your customers remember to keep their membership alive. Before the membership expires, send Video SMS reminders with branded forms that provide your clients with an easy, quick and trusted method to respond. Utilising cost effective video text message membership reminders you’ll ensure you don’t miss out on revenue and lose market share in a highly competitive environment.

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Manage Personal Training Bookings and Reduce No-Shows

Automate your booking reminders to ensure you don’t lose precious time and revenue. Combine video with text messaging for a personalized and engaging way for your customers to confirm appointments and reduce no shows. If people cancel, VidCorp’s video SMS communications platform provides you with an easy, fast and cost effective way to reach your client database for last minute specials and fill those personal training available sessions.

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Send Lifestyle and Nutrition Tips

Keep your clients motivated in their fitness and engaged in training programs with bite size video messages. Whether its lifestyle, nutrition or health tips VidCorp’s all in one mobile video communication platform allows you to quickly and easily build campaigns and distribute through range of mobile channels. You’re not always physically there to keep clients motivated but you can track their message engagement with video insights on who, when, where and how they watched which video.

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CRM Integration for Personalised Messaging

VidCorp makes video communication easy and possible. A simple API integration with your gym or personal training CRM software will enable your staff to be digital rockstars with all the customer information, videos, conversion tools and mobile campaign distribution all in one place.

Video and mobile communications are the ideal messaging channel to reach your active audience on the go. VidCorp makes connecting with fitness conscious clients with the right message, at the right time on the right device.