Consistent and effective internal communication is critical for federal, state and local governments. Whether your connecting with employees, party ambassadors,  stakeholders or whether emergency services are contacting local members of the community, the message must be carefully crafted, consistent and securely distributed. and with it, so does the vision and direction, which is why it’s so important to ensure all team members are engaged, informed and aligned as soon as possible.  VidCorp’s mobile video communications platform allows fast, secure video mobile messaging distribution that engages.  Deep insights and analytics provides the data to further optimise ongoing communications for maximum results.

VidCorp Government demo

VidCorp Government demo

VidCorp Government demo

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Newly Elected Government Change Communications

When a new government is elected there is a significant change, from leadership, team reshuffles, new budgets and the party vision. VidCorp’s cloud-based video messaging SaaS solution provides a visual, engaging, and holistic way to clearly communicate across multiple levels of government, ensuring the appropriate messages are delivered to the right people, at the right time on the right device.

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Electoral Reform Campaigns

Political Agenda’s, policy stances and general governance correspondence must be clear and concisely articulated for maximum impact when delivered to potential voters. By creating and distributing messages that incorporate video, branded landing pages with informational surveys, you will reduce messaging breakdowns and confusion whilst building trust through visual impact.

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Privacy and Security with Cloud-Hosting

Never compromise on the private nature of your government and public policy communications. At VidCorp, we understand the importance of privacy and security hence, offers a wide range of security options from IP address blocks to password protect video views. Our cloud hosting technology results in secure and safe database  and media hosting providing you peace of mind.


State and Local Government Emergency Services

Australia is accustomed to natural disasters and heavily relies on aid from the SES, local fire brigades, police and ambulance services. New mobile technologies along with smartphones increase community expectations and the demand for emergency services. VidCorp is the perfect video communications solution for quick and easy emergency response and management. Our all in one mobile video messaging toolkit with questionnaires/surveys and downloadable PDFs to display relevant safety and precautionary information, makes crisis management possible.

From announcing new government policy updates to broadcasting community alerts, VidCorp’s secure platform saves time and money with communications that are delivered quickly, easily and securely.