Many industry professionals in  health care, aged care, hospitals, pathology, clinics and private practice can be restricted with the lack of robust yet simple to use direct video communication systems. Video communications combined with mobile distribution channels enable easy reach, connection and communication with patients, staff, suppliers and other stakeholders. Whether its appointment reminders, staff rostering, shift changes or an extensive treatment procedure, engaging patients, staff or medical suppliers with our secure cloud based SaaS video platform is easy, efficient and effective.

VidCorp Healthcare demo

VidCorp Health demo

VidCorp Healthcare demo


Reduce No Shows with Appointment Reminders

Avoid the lost opportunity costs associated with no shows with automated video SMS appointment reminders. Simple plug VidCorp into your CRM via an easy API and you’ll quickly, easily and cost-effectively reduce the number of ‘failure to attends’ (FTA) increasing company profits.

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Customise Communications

VidCorp’s video communication platform has a wide range of easy to implement personalisation and messaging customisation tools. Segment your customer database into lists or needs, eg; you can group your staff rostering and shift change messaging differently to those patients who need a certain medication type reminder. Personalisation and customisation will ensure your messaging is relevant, earning you rapid responses.

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Treatment and Procedure Explanation Videos

Inform patients about their medical or surgical treatment choices using video. Video is a visual way to comfort and help a patient make an informed decision for their health outcomes and well-being. It’s a powerful medium to build trust and doctor-patient relationships for subsequent treatments building loyalty and possible advocacy for the general practice and the medical staff.

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Train Medical Personnel

Ensure your medical team up-to-date with the latest medical technologies, pharmaceuticals and procedures. VidCorp is the ideal all in one platform that enables micro-learning. That is bite size content and can be accessed on the student’s mobile phone to view at times that are most convenient to them. Video micro learning aids theory retention rates. Trainers are aided with insights on video viewership, and how much they’ve watched and even if they rewound it and watched it again.

VidCorp’s video solutions offer the health care industry the ideal secure cloud based SaaS platform for your patient and staff mobile video communication needs. Save time and money with reduced no shows, rapid responses, micro medical training and increased patient satisfaction and trust.