The hospitality industry is a tough market and very competitive, which is why providing staff with the right communication at the right time is vital. If staff are engaged, not only will staff turnover decrease, but they are likely to provide better customer service resulting in a great customer experience.

At VidCorp, our holistic video messaging platform allows you to easily communicate with your customers and employees whilst effectively reducing operational costs.

Hospitality demo

Hospitality demo

Hospitality demo

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Sales and Promotions

Distribute sales promotions material directly to your customers on slow weekdays. Letterbox drops and local paper ads are quite expensive and are very hard to measure. VidCorp makes overcoming this challenge easy with its all in one mobile video SMS messaging platform. With 90% of text messages are read within 3 minutes (2), distributing your sales promotion video via SMS complete with click to call will improve your dine-in and takeaway orders.

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Reduce Wait Times

Managing bookings and waiting lines at peak periods can be a challenge and lead to a loss of revenue. Manage capacity to match demand easily by simply implementing personalised video SMS status updates such as “your table will be ready in 30 minutes”. So rather than your customer crowding by the door whilst they wait, they can have a greater experience by being continuously informed.


Staff Rostering and Shift Change Notifications

VidCorp makes staff rostering and shift changes easy. Simply distribute your basic SMS rosters with calendars to block off leave dates, checkboxes for availabilities in advance, video information on upcoming shifts and necessary available dates. All of this in one messaging platform will enable you to react quickly and gain responses quickly as SMS will help ensure messages are read.

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CRM Integrations for Personalisation

A simple API integration with your hospitality point of sale software will enable your reservations staff to be communicate effectively and efficiently with all the customer information, videos, conversion tools and mobile campaign distribution all in one easy to use multi-channel messaging platform.

VidCorp’s video communications platform can help you manage demand, manage staff and personally communicate with your customers. VidCorp has all your digital communication needs covered.