In today’s digitally connected world mobile devices have become critical tools for logistics and transport businesses.  Not only do your customers expect their packages to be delivered when and where they want, but they also want progress updates along the way. This is where mobile messaging and video communications can be a true asset. In order to meet the high expectations of customers in the transport and logistics industries, there needs to be constant communications.

Often drivers have no contact with head office and can often feel isolated. Mobile messaging and video communications allow drivers to receive head office updates as well as safety related information while they’re on the go.

VidCorp logistics demo

VidCorp logistics demo

VidCorp logistics demo

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Positive Impact on Supply Chains

Better, faster communication enabled by mobile video communications improves operations from start to finish. Send mobile messaging to your drivers or warehouse employees and minimise time to delivery. Our integrateable  mobile video distribution platform can assist with distributing the right information and it’s associated message flow between all parties to ensure delivery occurs on time.

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Improve Workflow

Using mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets improves workflow and makes communication easy and simple, especially in an industry where real-time communication is critical for business success. Ensure mobile video messaging are running smoothly and productivity will naturally increase.


Schedule Drivers and Warehouse Staff Shifts

Staff rosters, shift, and delivery scheduling is a part of the business that needs to be done routinely and effectively. With VidCorp, you can easily send out your basic SMS rosters, send out calendars to block off leave dates and delivery schedules, checkboxes for availabilities in advance, video information on overtime shifts and necessary available dates. Providing this through the channel of the employee’s choosing will help ensure the messages are read.

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Analytics can Improve Internal Processes

A challenge many logistics and transport companies have is understanding challenges that drivers, warehouse staff, and even head office staff have. Create employee surveys with detailed analytics and insights to create feedback looks to improve and streamline processes that may be hindering or frustrating employees. With distribution through mobile distribution, you’ll be sure to get a rapid response.

VidCorp can help you optimise your logistics and transportation business with a safe, secure and highly effective platform. Use mobile messaging and video communications to improve customer satisfaction while streamlining your internal work flow and productivity.