Over recent years, the visual entertainment and film industry has changed. with the rise of the digital age. Media agencies and film production companies must drive innovation, efficiency and be effective at embracing new technologies to distribute content and engage audiences. Video has rapidly become the new TV media. Those who once relied largely on television for entertainment are now moving to video to watch exactly what they want, when they want it and how they want it. In a new highly fragmented market, getting your video content in from of the right audiences, capturing them and engaging them can be difficult.

VidCorp makes this easy.

VidCorp media demo

VidCorp media demo

VidCorp media demo

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Customise Marketing Communications

VidCorp’s all in one mobile video media distribution and advertising platform has range of simple personalisation and messaging customisation tools. Create persona and segment lists with your direct marketing database, eg; send the latest girly movie trailer to women 25 and over, living in urban areas in comparison to men in rural Australia, 40 and over interested in action movies. Customisation and personalisation of messages results in relevant messaging, earning you trust and a rapid response.

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Launch Exclusive Events

Build excitement and intrigue for the latest blockbuster or International Film Festival opening night with your client base. VidCorp’s all in one video solution grants you with a variety of mobile conversion tools you will need such as invites, RSVP and feedback forms. Gain high attendance rates while building emotional bonds and client relationships engaging rich media that connects you with your target audience through a trusted mobile medium such as SMS.

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More Accountability via Tracking and Analytics

Track your media, event and/or direct marketing campaigns and gain insights on your customers. Who are they? What films and topics are they interested in and how do they consumer media?  Utilise data insights and analytics to quickly identify which segments or individuals have engaged with your communications. Find out who has or has not watched specific videos, rsvp’d to events and from your learnings optimize your next campaign.


Cost Effective Mobile Marketing

Customised promotions for the candy bar, limited seats or restricted time movies are very effective when mobile personalised marketing is utilised. Our video platform makes connecting and engaging your clients easy. Simply utilise your own direct mail customer database and communicate via mobile channels such as SMS and email. Don’t expect your customers to continually check YouTube channel, text your video communications straight to your target audience’s mobile device ensuring your message gets through to the right person at the right time and on the right device.

VidCorp’s media and video distribution and engagement platform aids your media and communications strategy and messaging in one easy-to-use application. Add VidCorp to your content distribution and technology stack and make mobile video messaging easy.