Internal video communication in the mining industry helps bridge the communication gap between head office and the construction team at remote sites, improve operational efficiencies and helps keep your team safe. An integrated mobile video communications approach for internal and external communications is a must to achieve greater security, safety, productivity mine site staff morale.



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VidCorp is an all-in-one platform which allows for mass and secure communication to employees across multiple channels including SMS, email, QR codes, and social media.

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Increase exploration and mine site communications

Communications and communication solutions can be a challenge for mining in resources, oil and gas industries due to the extremely isolated and remote locations. Save time and money with high staff mobile connectivity and video engagement. If you have a change of pipeline designs or exploration plans, VidCorp delivers messages reliably and quickly, never experiencing downtime. Secure cloud sharing enables vital mining and resources information to reach your team seamlessly.

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Improve safety and provide greater medical emergency response

Reliable and effective communications are vital to improve safety and security of mining and engineering personnel due to the inherently dangerous locations and nature of the business. VidCorp’s mobile video messaging solution enables video collaboration where miners, support teams and specialists can provide vital information and advice to a remote onsite medical team that may be lacking experience with the emergency at hand providing a greater emergency and medical response.

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Overcoming Technical and Communication Complexities

Implementing new technologies that will be reliable and accessible in remote locations is always a challenge but not with VidCorp. There is no need for a highly localised messaging solution as VidCorp’s, cloud-hosted platform enables video plays on all devices including feature phones and SMS to be written in the language of choice via Unicode.  So regardless of whether your expatriate engineers or mining workers are in a developing or developed country, our adaptive bit rate streaming technology eliminates these issues.

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Use Video for Rostering and Staffing

With VidCorp, you can easily send out your basic SMS rosters, and in addition, also send out calendars to block off leave dates and rotation schedules, checkboxes for availabilities in advance, video information on overtime shifts and necessary available dates. With a remote workforce, providing effective, short and sharp communication through the channel of the employee’s choice will help ensure the messages are received and communicated.

In the mining and energy resources industry, VidCorp’s video messaging platform is a vital channel for achieving effective and efficient communications.