A main challenges for Not-For-Profits (NFP) is building relationships with donors throughout the donor’s lifecycle. Finding new donors and audiences to keep the NFP’s contributing to its charitable cause now and in the future is exceptionally difficult, especially as there are so many good causes to assist.. Getting messages heard and cutting through the clutter is critical.

NFP demo

NFP demo

NFP demo

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Direct Mobile Messaging That Connects

Video stirs positive emotions and connects those emotions with your charity message with most donations being strongly connected to an emotional experience. Distribute video content via mobile channels such as SMS, email, social media and QR codes in the one easy to use platform, allowing you to widen your fundraising reach and directly connect with potential doners on an ongoing basis.

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Drive donations and fundraising efforts

Cut through the clutter and get your charitable message across, build emotional relationships visually and staying top of mind with VidCorp. It provides the tools to manage easy mobile video communication and target your donors with the relevant and customisable message all in one place.

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Greater Charity Event Attendance Rates

Whether your event is a charity ball or a fun run fundraiser, you can build interest and excitement easily with VidCorp. Leveraging your direct owned media, VidCorp’s video messaging solution provides you all the conversion tools you need such as invites, RSVP and feedback forms. Gain rapid responses and high attendance rates with visually engaging video that connects via trusted smartphone messaging channels that deliver to the right audience, at the right time on the right device.

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Track real-time results

VidCorp helps you track real-time fundraising and charity campaign analytics and insights in an effective and efficient all in one marketing communication system. Gain  detailed tracking and reporting on all campaigns so you can easily optimise further communications to drive the most relevant message at the most appropriate time.

VidCorp’s platform can help you maximise the outcome of your communication strategy and achieve an effective ROI on campaign spends.