38% of millennials admit that political videos and ads influenced their vote while only 19% of Baby Boomers admitted to the same. By utilising video in your political campaign, you become more personal, with an audible voice and a passion for something that the target audience can visually see and emotionally connect with. While you can’t be everywhere all the time, video allows you to virtually interact with everyone simultaneously from the volunteers, campaigners to the voters, in the same engaging format.


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Video is incredibly important for any political or election campaign. Videos not only help you build authority, but it is an exceptional way to build trust and loyalty.

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Target Your Election Campaigns

Segment your contact list to send targeted campaigns to relevant viewers. This digital version of handing out flyers saves time and money while being far more effective and relevant to the recipient of the message. You are able to distribute & target the right & relevant message to loyal,  swinging and or opposing voters.

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Personalise and Build Authority

People see you as a real person they can connect and align themselves with emotionally when they get to know you, see you, your mannerisms, hear you using multiple senses through rich media videos. You’ve overcome the barrier of stranger and are now someone they can relate to and understand who aligns with their beliefs, norms, values and cause. Video allows you to normalise yourself, while still branding and building awareness for your causes and political agendas.

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Find Target Markets Easily

VidCorp allows you to track interactions, build campaigns around target markets and become familiar with your audience’s viewing habits including key analytics and insights such as  how your videos are viewed, by who and the location of viewers. Make sure you’re recording video content that your audience finds engaging.

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Send and Store Information Securely

Safely store and send secure information to trusted campaigners with VidCorp. Our video distribution platform allows you to confidently store videos and media with our cloud -hosted technology. We have multiple security measures in place for the safety of video, documents, & voter information.

VidCorp’s platform can help take your political campaigning efforts to the next level. Give your voters more of what they want – a relationship they can build with you through your video campaigns.