The days of picking up a newspaper to see local listings has passed. Today’s investors, buyers and lessors respond to a new generation of visual marketing. This new marketing revolves largely around real estate advertising in video form and customised landing pages. Sure, it is a competitive marketplace but with VidCorp, we make it easy to get a leg up on the competition. In today’s mobile world, targeted marketing is a great way to reach your customers. We offer highly targeted mobile communication tools for this very reason.




We also understand how labour intensive each and every day in the real estate market is. How are you supposed to get it all done when you can’t outsource? With VidCorp, efficiency is our priority and you can easily utilise our video platform to automate many of your daily tasks.

Landing Pages

Real Estate Landing Pages

Customers don’t want to be overburdened with pages of information. Customised real estate landing pages can be directly sent to provide a streamlined viewing experience.

Customer Engagement

Leverage Social Proof

On your real estate landing pages, you can easily include testimonials, social media buttons and endorsements in combination with personalised SMS’s to deliver a more powerful real estate advertising campaign.


Virtual Property Tours

Unlike traditional ads and photos, real estate video marketing provides an in-depth way for potential buyers to virtually tour the property.

Lead Generation

Increase Lead Generation

“The Australian Real Estate Group states “listings that include a video receive 403% more inquiries than those without (2).” Real estate ads with videos generate quadruple the leads of those without videos.

 VidCorp enables real estate agents to market their houses more directly, efficiently, and cost-effectively.   Real estate advertising is largely digital these days and we understand and meet all your Web and mobile needs.