Retail internal communications are critical to a retail businesses success; however, it is often overlooked and is commonly under resourced.  Having staff on the floor or at the front line of the customer experience, it is imperative team members are constantly engaged, informed, and educated.

Retail int comms demo

Retail int comms demo

Retail int comms demo

Product Sales, customer experience and employee turnover are always at the forefront of managements agenda however if management can not effectively communicate to the teams that represent the business how can they expect the front line teams to offer a level of service that has become to be expected by the customer.

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Consistent Visual Merchandising

Everything from creating the window display that first catches a potential customer’s eye, to the signage you to get them in the door needs to be consistent with your brand’s vision.  Communicating this vision across stores with consistency is easy with VidCorp. Our platform allows track-able video messaging and downloadable PDFs for designs and plans to be sent through mobile messaging for fast and reliable communication.

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Product Training and Education

Save time and money without the need to send trainers to all your stores across Australia. With VidCorp, you can send bite-sized micro-learning messages to your staff, alerting them of new products, health and safety guidelines and other relevant training through video messaging. Distribute your training videos via mobile messaging and email allow your employees to consume on the go. With VidCorp, you can easily personalise and manage your retail internal communications in one place.


Use Video for Rostering and Staffing

With VidCorp, you can easily send out your basic mobile messaging rosters. To take this up a notch, utilise our platform to send out calendars showing leave dates, check-boxes for availabilities in advance, video information on upcoming shifts that need to be covered and dates where you require your staff to be available. Our analytics allow you to see which employees are interacting with your messaging and which aren’t.

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Employee Engagement Surveys

Retail store managers often deal with high staff  turnover which can be avoided or lessened with frequent employee engagement surveys. Find out your team’s level of satisfaction and what you can do to improve productivity and the overall work environment. Get direct feedback from employees of all levels and show them you value their input, you care and want to hear from them.

Improve productivity, employee engagement, consistent visual merchandising across store and manage employee schedules with VidCorp.