Retail outlets today, both online and traditional bricks and mortar stores continually find it challenging to maintain market share and customer loyalty in an ever increasing competitive market. Consumers today, rely more on their smart phones to help them choose which products and services are best suited to their needs. While mobile phones are used for research, a Google/Nielsen study found that 93% of people who use mobile to research go on to complete a purchase of which most happens in a physical store (1).

VidCorp Retail demo

VidCorp Retail demo

VidCorp Retail demo

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Customise Marketing Communications

VidCorp’s all in one mobile video marketing and advertising platform has a great range of easy to implement personalisation and messaging customisation tools. Segment your client database into lists or needs, for example, you can segment women, who live in a 5km radius to Sydney, who wear size 12 jeans and wear True Religion jeans in comparison to men, living in country Victoria, sized 34 weight who wear Levis and distribute relevant video SMS content to those personas. Personalisation and customisation will ensure your messaging is relevant, earning you fast responses and greater engagement.

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Fast Response Sales Promotion

The imposing nature of TV commercials, YouTube pre-roll and instream ads annoy customers and prospects. Viewership is lost as people use the time to put the kettle on, check mobile messages or simply get up and stretch their legs and the advertisement is not viewed. Overcoming this is easy with VidCorp’s’ all in one mobile video communications platform. 90% of text messages are read within 3 minutes (2), hence distributing your sales promotion video via SMS complete with click to call improves your view rate, while making it convenient for your customers to purchase products on the go.

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Omni-Channel Approach

A google study reveals that “82% of shoppers say they consult their phones on purchases they’re about to make in a store (3). Google also highlights consumers are driven in store by video. After watching product videos, 69% of smartphone buyers visited a smartphone retailer and 36% searched a store’s inventory or availability (4). VidCorp’s all in one direct marketing video messaging platform makes an Omni-channel approach simple with its inbuilt SMS gateway, secure video hosting, and wide range of conversion tools.

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Tracking and Analytics

Track your retail marketing campaigns and learn who your customers are, what interests them and what they are likely to purchase. Utilise data analytics to easily identify who has engaged with your messages and who hasn’t. You can view who has or has not watched specific videos, responded to surveys and who actually made a purchase in store or online.

Utilising VidCorp for your retail marketing campaigns is one of the most effective tools you can add to your technology stack.  Providing the ability to create and manage all your retail mobile video needs in one platform is an easy solution to communicate with your customers and prospects with targeted visually engaging content that match their personas and buying behaviours.