Low budgets are a common problem in Human resources (HR), making it incredibly difficult to find an internal communication system that is effective, affordable and easy-to-use. Many companies fall into the trap of sending simple email and SMS bulk text communications, with endless links jumping from page to page resulting in disjointed analytics. These types of messages distract employees, and leave them feeling disengaged.

According to the McKinsey Global Institute, employee productivity increases by 20 to 25% when employees feel connected. Additionally, 93% of communication pros say that creativity in internal communications is important, yet only 6% believe creativity is being used to its full potential, according to a study by AliveWithIdeas

What does this tell us? Video and direct communication mediums can offer a simple solution to the vast majority of our internal communication struggles.




VidCorp combines multiple mobile distribution channels and engagement tools into one platform, enabling you to improve communications with video and capture your audience with surveys, forms and downloadble PDFs. With higher retention rates, involvement, and willingness to watch, video is a great option for addressing internal communication needs.

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Provide Employee Incentives

Employee incentives, competitions, and recognition are easily managed within VidCorp’s platform. You can use our video platform to send out company wide competition videos and details and also to give incentives or recognition to top performers. Get your employees involved by keeping them up-to-date on organisational news, other branch news, and upcoming events such as employee awards through the engaging medium of video.

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Save Time and Money on Induction and Training with Video

You no longer need to spend endless amounts of money on induction staff and safety training documents. With VidCorp, you can create and save landing pages and videos for reuse. You can also utilise surveys and questionnaires for testing employee training success or gaining feedback on how you can improve the process going forward. Now you can focus on in-person training only when it is necessary and leave the preliminaries to video training.

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Use Video for Rostering and Staffing

With VidCorp, you can easily send out your basic SMS rosters and in addition, also send out calendars to block off leave dates, checkboxes for availabilities in advance, video information on upcoming shifts and necessary available dates. Providing this through the channel of the employee’s choosing will help ensure the messages are read.

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Utilise Data Analysis

VidCorp’s data analysis and insights allows you to easily identify who has interacted with your messages and who hasn’t. You can view who has or has not watched specific videos, answered questions and who actually never received the messages due to technical error.

VidCorp helps organise, increase and enhance your HR and staffing internal communications. By involving creativity and evoking a sense of unity within your employees, you can increase both productivity and satisfaction. VidCorp allows you to communicate with your employees over the channel of their choice in a visual and attention-grabbing way through one platform.