The travel and tourism industry and its continuous technological disruption can be difficult to maneuver. The industry has become commoditised as people use ‘Google search’ to find the lowest flight and hotel prices.
Those in the travel and tourism industry who can rise to the challenge and continue retaining customers and bringing in new leads by nurturing a visual relationship over time. Utilise video effectively to help your travel company rise above the competition and search engine clutter.




Using promotional videos of destinations, hotels and travel attractions gives people the inside view of where they could go, instilling a bit of wanderlust in them. It helps bring their intangible holiday into a tangible visual vacation which reiterates the value. Millennials, more than any other age group, formulate their buying decisions based on their relationship with a brand. Travel agents and tourism establishments are now even more important to this age group due to their higher disposable incomes than any coming before them. They gravitate toward video messaging so speak to them in the format they love most!

With VidCorp, use our platform to not only build Social Media campaigns, but directly send these video messages with branded landing pages to potential and recent customers via mobile channels to ensure they view it and  ensure they build the relationship with you.


Easily Send Out Destination Videos and Competitions

Sending out promotional destination videos and competition guidelines is easy with video, and it’s more engaging too. Deliver destination videos with checkboxes and email input boxes to grab customers’ attentions and easily build up your contact data base and customer reach. You can also manage subscriptions and unsubscribes via a single platform.

Checkboxes linked to a video screen.

Use Video for Online Training Modules for Travel and Tourism Certification

Training is costly, not only from a monetary standpoint, but also time. Utilising video cuts down time and money spent on training and increases retention rates. With VidCorp you can store, reuse, and resend modules. Tracking will allow you to identify those who haven’t watched your video or completed your questionnaires or mini quizzes.

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Communicate Effectively with Customers

Send flight, hotel and car updates and reminders to holiday makers who are about to travel or are travelling. SMS or email targeted marketing messages to previous clients who haven’t been engaged for a while. Reawaken their love of travel with documents, calendars and videos of destinations and hotels. 

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Track Your Campaigns and Learn About Your Customers

Ask your customers through surveys to tell you more about where they would like to travel. With this insight, you can easily optimise further communication that is relevant to the customer.

Developing a loyal customer base is a challenge for those in travel and tourism due to the huge amount of online competition, but with the right tools and the right platform, customer retention is well within reach. Let VidCorp help you build lasting relationships with new and existing customers that will keep them coming back to you for all their travel and tourism needs.