How to Create a Form or Survey Video Tutorial

How to Create a Form or Survey Video Tutorial Transcript 

Hi, I’m Karl. Welcome to our how-to series of video tutorials. This session covers how to create a form.

Hi, today’s tutorial is going go over how to set up a form, commonly referred to as a survey or a questionnaire. So go up to “Content” on the main menu, come down to “Form”, click over here. And when you first get in here, you’ll see that you have no form. So, let’s take care of that. Simply click on “Create new”. The first thing it prompts you to do is give your form a name. So, what we’re going to do is call it “Demo form”, and then underneath that form heading, what this means is what do you want your viewers to do? So, what we’re going to put here is something like “Watch the video first”. That will pop up here every time you change something over on the right hand side section here, the previous section you can see exactly what you put in.

So what we’re going to do here is add some questions. Click on the green button, “Add new questions”, and you’ve got some options here. So, we’re going enter a question such as “Do you like video?” Now, this question will start shown. Now here we have a number of options for answer type. We click on that, you have the option to have a text response, email, check box, or radio button. So what we’re going to do for this particular example is choose radio buttons. And on answers below, we type in the answers. One is “Yes”, one is “No”. That’s what we’ve got here, and you hit “Save question”. What you can do there, if you wanna add in another question, simply hit “Add new question”, do the same thing, and then you can have the options, like I’ve said before, of free text, radio buttons, check list, which is fine… Check buttons.

So, that’s it. You can add some logic. What we’ll do is, in another tutorial, we’ll go into exactly how this works. You can add some intelligence too. If an answer is “No”, you can get additional information. But check out one of the other tutorials for that. We’ll go into that in more detail. Here you simply save. It prompts you that your form has been saved, and that’s it. So hope that’s been helpful, be sure to check out some of the other how-to tutorials.