How to Build Your Landing Page Video Tutorial

How to Create a Landing Page Video Tutorial Transcript

Hi, I’m Karl. Welcome to our how-to series of video tutorials. This session covers how to create a landing page in the VidCorp Video Platform. So first thing you need to do it go up to the top menu bar, click “content” and go to “landing page.” Click on that. First time you come in here, you can see you have no landing pages.

Let’s create you a new landing page. First thing you need to do here, as always, is just to select a landing page name. So we’re just going to go, “Beginner Landing Page.” Right. Next what you’ll want to do, is go to header. This is where you bring in the logo of your business. So you’ve got the option here to browse your desktop, bring it in that way. Or, just to click, drag and drop the files here. So we’ll simply bring a file in, drop it there.

You can see it’s loaded, and immediately it pops up onto your preview on the right-hand side which is fantastic. What you can also do here is link it to your website. So we’ll simply enter that in. That’s all good to go. You can scroll down here. Another essential part of sending this out is the “select form” option here. So if you click on that. If you’ve already built a form, survey or a questionnaire, hit this drop down box here and what it will do, it will attach that within this landing page. Again, if we go over on the right-hand side you can see you’ve got your logo which is linked, you’ve got the video which you may or may not have attached to this yet, and then underneath, it has the form that you’ve already set up. So that’s a really quick overview on how to set up a nice, clean, simple, landing page. In time we’ll put out some more advanced versions of how to set up a customised landing page. Look out for those. Simply click “save,” and with that, it will tell you that the page has been saved. Hope that’s been helpful and enjoy the other how-to tutorials.