Get Started Video Tutorial - A Platform Guide

How to Get Started Video Tutorials

Hi, I’m Karl. Welcome to our how-to series of video tutorials. This session covers how to get started. First of all, you just need to enter your user name and your password, and what you’re brought to is the main VidCorp dashboard. On this front page, you will have your account status, it’ll show the latest videos you have uploaded and also your recent campaign. Really, it’s just a quick space where you can see everything. Along the top here, you’re able to manage the videos, importing them and editing them. Here, you have your contacts, you can manage individual contacts, manage groups, you can import them, manage any unsubscribe lists, and then also, any custom data that you want to bring in.

Next along the top menu, just a content around managing both your videos. Your landing pages, setting up and managing custom landing pages. Forms, which is commonly referred to as Surveys and Questionnaires. And you can also manage your media library. So, here you can put them into specific folders and manage them that way. Next along the top menu is how to distribute your video message, how to get it out there. Now, you’ve got some other options here, either do it via SMS and SMS templates, either do it directly via email, set up some QR codes and also here, view and manage previous SMS templates that you’ve saved and set up. So you don’t have to do everything from scratch every time.

Next along on the top menu is your reporting section. Here, you can analyse video reports, campaign statistics, contact report, see who did what. Form reports, Basically who replied what to your surveys and your questions. And then also at the bottom, your delivery reports and detailed reports saying which ones were delivered, which ones were unsuccessfully delivered. Now next to reports, it’s just an overview of your credits that you have in your account, transaction history, how you can top up your account as well, and then also how you’re paying for your account.

Now, if we go over to the far right here, the eye icon, you click on that on any page, you’ll have a step-by-step tutorial that will walk you through, similar to what I’ve just gone through, but then a little more detail. We won’t go into that now but you can access that on any page, really, really helpful icon to click on. Now, over on the top right-hand corner here, on the cog, is just where you can manage your personal profile, your business profile, assign any other users within the organization that you want to have access to the platform. And then also if you need to sync or set up any API facilities between your CRM and the VidCorp platform.

Now, if we go down to the bottom right-hand corner of every single page, there is a send feedback button. What this allows you to do, if ever you encounter any problems on any page, simply click this button, send feedback and then you’re able to take a screenshot of the area that’s popped up onto your screen, send it through to us, we’ll get onto it ASAP and look into it for you. Hope you found that helpful, and enjoy the rest of the how-to tutorials.