How to Manage your Database Video Tutorial

How to Manage your Contact Database Video Transcript 

Hi, I’m Karl. Welcome to our how-to series of video tutorials. This session covers how to manage your contact database¬†video.

Okay, adding contacts into the video platform is really easy. Simply go up to the contacts section on the main menu, and here, you can manage your contacts, upload new contacts, update current contacts, or move people out that you don’t want in there. You can manage groups and set up groups, you can manage your unsubscribe list of people who’ve unsubscribed from previous mail ads you’ve done. And then also, you can set up specific custom data fields. So, let’s just go into managing individual context here. So here, you’ve got options. You can just add individual people, you can upload full lists, and then also, you can export from the VidCorp platform out to your CRM.

So let’s just show you how easy it is to add an individual person. You simply enter their first and last name, and you put in their mobile number manually. And if you wanna add any custom data fields, you can. But for now, let’s just leave it at the basic. First name, last name, and the mobile number. Save the contact and then you can see it will pop up here. If you wanted to upload the groups, simply click on ‘upload’ and then go to either ‘Browse’ on your desktop, or click, drag and drop your file here, Excel CSV, and then that will get imported into the platform.

Now, another great feature here is you can search for specific people. So I’ve just typed in demo here, and it’s popped up that person and all their details. It allows you to edit that record directly here. And then again, you can export that out to your own CRM with the updated details. And one really useful aspect that you can manage in contacts is the area of groups. It could be statewide, it could be a specific type of product they’re interested with your business. The other great thing is here, you can separate it so you can send them a different message.

So how you do that is over on the right hand side, we’ll enter a group name here, just called “Demo Group”. We simply hit the green button, ‘Add’. Gives you a message, “Group has been created”, and you’ll see here that is now a group set up. So when you bring in or enter in manually in names, you can then assign them to a specific group. So really, really helpful. So, if we go back up here to ‘Context’, back into ‘Manage groups’ that we just set up, you can see here it has your group setup. So again, really, is that you manage with searching for specific group names here when the list is a bit bigger than this one, but also really good to be able to send out streamline video communications. So I hope that’s been useful, and enjoy the rest of the how-to tutorials.