How to Upload a Video from Your Smartphone Tutorial

How to Upload a Video from your Smartphone Tutorial Transcript

Hi, I’m Karl. Welcome to our how-to series of video tutorials. This session covers how to upload a video from your mobile phone.

In the address bar, type in, type in your user name and your password and hit the green button start. You’ll be presented with a screen that says upload video and latest video. To get one from your phone, simply click on upload video and click on the blue button add files.

Then you go into your photo library where your videos are held as well. Go down to videos, select the one that you’re after, pick that one. What the video platform will do now is compress that video with a number of different formats and then it will come through to the next screen which has the option to type in the video title. We’ll just go Demo a Video. It will go into that particular folder. You can give it a tag, but this is really helpful when you’ve got lots of videos in the system, so I highly recommend doing this.

Once you have got the tags there, simply click the green start button and what will happen now is the video is being uploaded into the system and you’re all done, so nice and quick. The prompt here is the videos has been sent for transcoding and so that should be available pretty quickly in both your desktop when you login, also you can access it by your mobile phone. Be sure to check out the other how-to tutorial on how to upload a video from your desktop. And also, look at all the other how-to tutorials