How to Upload your Video from your Desktop

How to Upload your Video Tutorial Transcript 

Hi, I’m Karl. Welcome to our how-to series of video tutorials. This session covers how to upload a video from your desktop.

So this tutorial specifically looks at how to get video into the platform on your desktop. So up on the main menu at the top, click on “videos.” That will open up the main portal where you store and manage all of the videos. So here you have a couple of options again. You can browse your desktop, or you can click, drag and drop any videos that you already have saved on your computer.

So let’s just bring a video in. Drop it here. Now, definitely it’ll bring up the name of it, where it’ll be stored, and your video tag. So we’ll go over here and we’ll click, “start.” What it will do here is it will bring it into the platform, save it in a number of different formats and file sizes. This particular one is around a 13 meg so it doesn’t really take too long to load. Now the video’s being sent for transcoding and you can do quite a number of things when your video is in.

So, what it will enable you to do… Just see if it’s in the system. Now, it allows you to set up new folders, organise all the videos that you’re going to eventually bring into the system. You can rename what that video is called. You can cut, you can delete the videos, find out additional information about that video, and again you can open the video from here. So that’s the easiest way to bring in a video from your desktop. What you can also do, is if you do click into one of the videos from here, you have the choice to either set up a thumbnail of a frame within the video, or you can actually select a file, an image, a PowerPoint or a logo or something to be the first screen that people see. Simply do that, hover across here to see which frame you want to get to. Or you can browse onto your desktop and select the item that you want.

Now be sure to check out the tutorial on how to upload a video from your mobile device. Also extremely helpful. And look at the other how-to tutorials.