QR Codes are Useful Tools for Transferring and Delivering Information

They have continued to grow in popularity for just this very reason! QR codes can store much more data than normal barcodes. With a simple scan, your customer can go to a landing page or even to the video of your choice. No hunting around to find information, QR codes and video are a match made in marketing heaven.

Another great aspect of QR codes is that they can be scanned quickly and easily with nearly any mobile device (1). This means you can easily distribute and connect with your target market, as long as they have a mobile phone.

Benefits of QR Code Generation with Video

When it comes to a QR code maker, do you know what to look for? When you use VidCorp for your video platform services, using a QR code generator is simple.

Direct Marketing

Command Customer Attention

QR codes and video provide an interactive way to grab your customers’ attention. It creates immediate involvement by having them swipe to learn more about your brand.

Landing Page Icon

Easy Information Findability

QR code makers generate easier ways for customers to grab information about your products or services without taking the time to search for the information on your website. They will be directed to the exact information you are targeting.


Reduce Customer Costs

You’ll incur fewer customer costs with customers spending less of their time and effort looking for information. This makes it easy for them to find your information/details.

Set an Innovative Image

With a QR code generator, you set a ‘technology-friendly and innovative’ impression of your company. Combine that with the strength of video and branded landing pages to create a long-lasting memory and emotional bond with your brand.

Simple Video Platform for QR Code Distribution

  • VidCorp offers the opportunity for the QR code generator to be downloaded onto the computer and therefore used physically (through printing wristbands, posters etc.) and digitally (email/ competitions).
  • Customisable codes – This customisable QR code maker allows you to change colour and other variables to brand your campaign.

Automatically store your codes in our cloud system. This will save you valuable time when looking for past campaign codes in the future.

QR code creation sample page

Uses QR Codes with Video Communications

  • Sending business information and details
  • Sending product details/event details in an interactive and fun way
  • Social Media IDs
  • Competition details
  • E Commerce and direct purchasing from the smartphone
  • Store locator

VidCorp’s platform enables your company to take control of your QR code generator and customise your campaigns to make your company even more memorable. QR codes will give you the competitive edge and technological advantage over other businesses.


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