SMS is Used by 75% of the Population, and is Widely Used by Global Business

SMS is a key aspect of our everyday lives, and if it isn’t yet
a part of your company’s daily life, it should be! Even Coca-Cola (1) has invested 70% of their marketing budget into SMS campaigns. Believe it or not, your customers want you to text them! SMS is now replacing the need for customers to download apps in order to stay connected. SMS is fast, direct and easy to digest.

Consider this – a study from 2015 (2) discovered that adult attention spans have dropped over the past 15 years from 12 seconds in the year 2000 to 8 seconds in 2015. This tells us, as marketers, that we need to deliver our messages now faster and with more punch than ever. Perhaps this statistic explains why we are seeing an explosion in the effectiveness of text message video distribution.

SMS Video Distribution Benefits

SMS content distribution

SMS Distribution Services

SMS services and gateways are one of the most effective and affordable direct video distribution channels.

 Api and database management

Bulk Database Management

You have storage of bulk contacts and the ability to create contact groups. These can be separated so you can target a specific market group or see who hasn’t interacted with your message.

Video Analytics

SMS Analytics

You can easily see who has and hasn’t received the text message video distribution, and who has opened the landing page (if you choose to attach one). This allows you to carefully look at the data which is automatically processed and stored securely on the platform.

video content distribution

Highly Targeted Distribution

We offer database marketing which allows for relevant sending to relevant segments. Delivering messaging to the consumer at the right time and on the right device.

Customer Engagement

Text Messaging

SMS video distribution allows for a personal, interactive two-way communication channel that is checked more frequently than email. The typical send-to-open SMS time is 3-14 minutes verses email at 6.4-48 hours (3).

text message

Sender ID’s and SMS

Sender ID’s help with building brand relationships and identifying yourself. Interacting with customers who use text messages means higher profits. The average SMS user is more profitable, transacts more frequently (4).

Smart, Secure and Simple SMS Distribution

Text video distribution is a breeze when you are using the right platform. With VidCorp, our bulk SMS video distribution platform is intuitive and easy-to-use which gives you more time to market without the aggravation of difficult user interface or platform.

Ability to check SMS delivery status and reports, what type of phone is being used, where your customers are, what kind of service they are and other helpful data points.

You can enjoy flexibility in structuring your text video distribution message – this includes personalised messages, choice of landing page or plain SMS, the ability to input their first name, last name, phone number, email address, unique ID, and unsubscribe links.
Send text message video distribution to individuals or groups. You can also send to one and save settings to resend immediately.

You have the ability to label campaigns and save as templates for later resend. This will save you time in the long run.

SMS campaign creation page

Video Distribution Platforms with Bulk SMS Uses

The use of SMS for business communications, internally or externally, is key to capturing the  immediate attention and heightening engagement. Go where you know your customers are – their smartphones! With seamless text video distribution, reaching your customers with relevant messages is easier than ever.