Facebook is one of the Most Powerful Marketing Tools on the Market

Did you know Facebook has roughly 1.55 billion monthly active users (1), the use of video increases organic reach by 8.7% (2) and increases retention of your message. With so many channels now for social media marketing and communication, getting your video out there is more important than ever.

People are visual by nature and that’s one reason why Facebook and LinkedIn video advertising have grown so rapidly. No one wants to sort through chunky text to see what you are selling, but a video on the other hand captures, inspires excitement and even promotion through social sharing. In fact, Facebook video recently hit the 100-million-hours-of-video-watched-daily (3) mark!

VidCorp can help your business make video communication easy.

Benefits of Distributing Video via Social Media

With VidCorp’s platform, campaigns can be easily built and can use all aspects of the social media platform including Facebook video advertising.  You can also create both branded landing pages and specific posts to widen your targeted audience and increase engagement.

Survey Forms

Capture Leads and Gain Reach

Embed the VidCorp Landing page link that contains your video with lead capture and post it on social media. This increases organic reach and enables the capture of your audience.  Boosts video focus to your brand through social media sponsored posts.

Marketing Reach

Increase Brand Awareness

We enable you to create buzz campaigns through LinkedIn video, Facebook and several other platforms. These will not only help reach potential new customers but also increase brand awareness.


Easily Engage Your Audience

Easily engage with your customers and users. The more engagement you have, the more you learn about your customer’s needs. That’s why social media marketing it so well-loved by marketers.

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Create Customer Bonds

Videos will increase click-through rates, leading them to a branded landing page and increasing brand awareness. Linked videos are a great way to reach out to potential and nurture existing customers.

Uses for Online Video Platforms and Social Media

Facebook homepage

A carefully thought out social media marketing strategy can easily change or improve your brand’s reputation.  With VidCorp, we give you the tools to easily activate all your social media and video campaigns.


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