Our Platform Uses Cloud Hosting to Store Your Videos and Data

Wherever you have access to the Internet, you can quickly and easily access your data.
Have you ever had your server crash? Hard-drive somehow missing vital documents the moment you need them?
The feeling of panic is one you won’t easily forget.
Our goal is to free you from ever having to experience this nightmare again.

New to cloud hosting? Take a look at some of the benefits you can look forward to.

Cloud Hosting Benefits

Cloud hosting is here to stay. When it comes to storing your data safely, you want an option that isn’t going to crash or disappear when you need it most. That’s why the majority of industry professionals have made the switch to the cloud hosting platform.


I.T Cost Reduction

When using a cloud service provider, you eliminate the need for keeping costly expert IT staff on-board. Energy consumption is reduced and time delays become few and far between. All updates are automatic so no need to waste your time doing these manually.

cloud-scalability-iconScalability is at your Fingertips

Unlike traditional storage methods, cloud hosting allows for seamless flexibility. If your storage needs change, your hosting provider can make updates and more storage is instantly available for you.


Protection and Security

No one plans on a natural disaster, but with a physical server the unexpected can occur. With the cloud, you never have to worry about business continuity. Your videos and data are safe and sound!


Easy Collaboration

In today’s changing work environment, telecommuting is becoming more commonplace. Storing videos, sensitive documents and data with cloud hosting is a great way to allow for collaboration, no matter the physical distance.

VidCorp’s Video Platform Services

Choosing VidCorp as your video platform service ensures that your business will always have all data available with the click of a mouse.

  • Saving your work into the ‘cloud’ means that your videos are saved to servers with terabytes of data available on them, and plenty of backup servers to ensure that your data is safe.
  • As long as you have an Internet connection, you have full access to all your saved videos and customer lists.
  • International and interstate travel is a breeze with our Australian based servers.
  • You will have the peace of mind that comes along with availability. Our cloud hosting video communications ensure your data is there when you need it.
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Drive Results with our Simple Video Solutions

As our valued customer you have endless, secure storage available with back-up servers and constant connectivity. Cloud hosting ensures security and peace of mind for your campaigns and business communications. Not only will your IT expenses decrease, but your collaboration methods will increase. Never lose another night of sleep fearing a loss of data. With cloud hosting, it’s time for sweet dreams only!