Online Video Now Accounts for 50% of Online Traffic

with 78% of people watching videos online every week (1).
Not only do consumers find video engaging and relevant, but 69% of marketers and business
professionals (2) are and are setting up video marketing strategies for their companies

If you are new to the idea of having an embedded video player on your website, don’t worry! At
VidCorp, our video platform services make it simple for easy integration. We offer a video hub that
supports HTML5 and can help manage your site while offering continued connectivity.

Benefits of using Video Content

Choosing a video platform that will allows for easy customisation while offering reliable service is imperative for taking your embedded videos to a whole new level.


Build Trust and Credibility

Use customer testimonials – real people giving information about their experience helps others builds confidence in your brand and portrays you as a reliable and real company.

Engage Be Remembered Icon

Engage & Be Remembered

Increase company information retainment and percentage of the video viewed – Video is engaging to consumers, with 65% of consumers who watch your video watching at least ¾ of the way through. Furthermore, 80% of viewers are able to recall what a video was about 30 days post watching a video (3).

Reliable Instant Access Icon

Reliable Instant Access

Your Video Hub or custom HTML5 video player can be accessed on all devices and in all Internet ranges. This means no blackout periods – your customer can always see your videos.

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Fast Video With No Buffering

You won’t need to worry about intolerable video buffering with VidCorp, as we use adaptive bit rate streaming.

Our Easy-to-Use Video Platform is the Enabler

Our video players are completely customisable – from the buttons, look of the video itself and front thumbnail image of the video before it is played—each aspect is completely created from your needs and preferences.

Can search for videos (videos from months ago are securely stored and easily found in the searchable video hub).
Secure platform for your video storage and editing. No need to worry about your data getting lost or losing your edits.

Receive an embeddable link for your own Video Hub media – This enables you to receive your own detailed stats and data without having to go through YouTube or other video platforms.

Your embedded video player media can be uploaded from anywhere (Email, Smartphone, PC)

Range of formats accessible (all playable formats can be readily uploaded). If you can play it in your VLC media player, it can be uploaded. This includes Video Hub and custom HTML5 video players too!

video on an ipad

How to Use Video for Engaging Communications

Video enables your company to build a stronger marketing campaign for consumers, as well as increase communication amongst your staff. If you are just beginning your introduction with video marketing, let our experts at VidCorp answer your questions and show you with way.