Deliver on Every Level – Video Distribution, Conversion, and Analytics

Your audience’s attention is fleeting. If you fail to capture it instantly, it will be lost to the next, more vivid conversation. While static text-based communications no longer make a notable impression on this digital canvas, video sets the scene ablaze – merging sight and sound to make an immediate and lasting impact.  

Despite the undeniable power of video, many businesses remain intimidated by the medium, assuming high costs and onerous technical requirements.

VidCorp busts this myth – our video solutions for business are designed to be intuitive and effortless to use, giving you the tools needed to inspire employees, partners, and customers.

VidCorp's business model

Video Marketing Icon

Video Marketing

Reach and influence more people. The fusion of device agnostic video and multi-channel distribution converts interest into action faster and more efficiently than any other medium.

Corporate Communications Icon

Corporate Communications

In the hustle and bustle of corporate life, email is quickly skimmed or forgotten. Viewable on the go in the taxi, airport, in-between meetings – video is the only way keep up.

Human Resources and OHS icon

Human Resources & OHS

Use video to revolutionise recruitment, boost employee engagement and reduce incidents of workplace injuries and work cover claims.

Real Estate Icon

Real Estate

Get more with less – combine video, mobile communication channels, and analytics to reach more buyers and sellers with reduced effort and lower costs.

Training and Education Icon

Training & Education

Video has replaced the textbook as the ultimate gateway to knowledge. Retain interest and enhance information retention with snackable and compelling learning content.

Promotions & Competitions

Don’t let your offers fall on deaf ears. Use video and multi-channel distribution to reach your customers’ hearts (and phones). Plus, include surveys and downloadable content like T&Cs.

Net Promoter Score Icon

Net Promoter Score

Know where you stand. Supercharge your surveys with video and multi-channel distribution to increase your response rates dramatically.


Market Research

Taking the pulse of the market has never been easier or faster than with VidCorp’s integrated surveys, rich analytics, and dynamic distribution toolkit.