Unleash the Power of Video for Effective Communications

It’s no secret that effective internal communication is one of the biggest challenges faced by companies – large and small, local or global. Communication is the heartbeat of your business. When effective it keeps your team connected, but when endless email threads and misread SMS’s disrupt the rhythm, it results in fragmented knowledge, process inefficiencies and disengaged employees.

Of course, email still has a place in business, but its role is now to support a much more persuasive and engaging corporate communications tool – video. Research shows that one minute of video is equal to 1.8 million words. Since the average email contains around 200 words, just 60 seconds of video has the potential to replace 9,000 emails! Corporate video communication empowers more efficient intra-business messaging and unequaled engagement. VidCorp sets the benchmark in corporate video communications.

Increase employee engagement and productivity

VidCorp’s online video platform gives you unrivalled communication agility, firepower, and security:

video content distribution

Highly Targeted Content Distribution 

Trade the “batch and blast” approach for highly targeted direct video communications through a branded platform. Get the right message to the right people on all devices via any channel.

Video Analytics

Smart Video Analytics and Customer Insights

Track engagement metrics and completion rates per employee. Smart analytics allows you to view campaign-level stats and dig deep into your engagement metrics on an individual level. You can discover who is watching your videos and for how long – then act accordingly.

Protection and Security

Security Settings for Controlled Views

Control your audience and the content. Powerful list management capabilities give you total control over who receives your messages. You can also set view restrictions to a location, time and device level.

cloud security

Reliability and Cloud Security

Keep your valuable data onshore and secure. We take security seriously. All video, customer, and other sensitive data is stored locally using the most robust technology, including regular third-party security audits.

Host, Distribute and Engage using a Single Video Platform

Companies can often be intimidated by video, assuming that it requires a lot of money, time and technical skills. VidCorp’s video communication and engagement tools are powerful, intuitive and effortless to use:

  • Don’t waste money and time on standalone marketing solutions. VidCorp is the only online video platform that handles everything, including polls, surveys, quizzes and harvesting other data sources. Plus, we play well with others, integrating with CRM, Learning Management System, Payroll, and other complementary platforms.
  • Implement campaigns in minutes via an intuitive user interface. Designed to be non-technical, VidCorp is the platform of choice for marketers, HR, executives and creatives.
  • Switching is easy. Whether you’re a seasoned video pro or taking your first step into the domain, we’ve created a seamless onboarding process that will have you up and running in no time at all.
Corporate communications landing page

Get Attention and Retention with Direct Messaging

Video cuts through the clutter, transforming the way you communicate across the enterprise:

  • Got an update from the CEO? Deliver it to all employees instantly.
  • New staff member’s first day? Give them a welcome they’ll never forget.
  • Changes afoot? Manage the process in an exciting and engaging way.
  • Ticking the admin boxes? Distribute captivating training, education, health, and safety messages that your team will watch.

Collaboration drives our evolution. That’s why VidCorp is trusted by businesses of all sizes to help them step into the future of corporate video communications.