Understanding Your Market is Key to Your Business’ Marketing Success

Visual content continues to take the marketing world by storm. By comparison, text-heavy content bombards us daily, video appeals to our senses. Now that you have harnessed the selling power of videos and completed your video market research, let us take care of the technical part. In order to completely understand what your customers want, market research in the form of surveys and quizzes, provides you with the best information and most accurate data.

At VidCorp, we understand the importance of market research. That is why we help you by providing the ability to create customisable quizzes and questionnaires in addition to your video campaigns. We offer the capacity to monitor and track consumer behaviour and viewership to aggregate key marketing research data. You get to do the creative part; we’ll do the technical part!

VidCorp Video Platform Services

Understanding your customer’s needs is an ongoing process. The more involved you can be with them, the more you will be able to provide value. As a client, here are the video platform benefits you will love.

Survey Forms

Simple and Smart Surveys

The ability to easily create questionnaires – this allows you to hear, straight from the customer’s mouth, what they need and what they think of your company.

Protection and Security

Speedy, Safe and Secure

We offer speed of creation and targeted distribution, providing immediate data from campaigns. Rest assured, your customer information and database is safe and secure.

Video Analytics

Smart Tracking and Insights

With our tracking, you can easily identify your more effective video campaigns.

Form Submissions

Time Saving Templates

Easily reuse templates to resend, gain more information on other users with the same campaigns.

Easy Market Research Management

  • Broadband detection – No more buffering, videos download in relation to reception quality.
  • Reports on campaigns as a whole, aggregate data of all contacts, specific data on individuals, video statistics, form (polls, surveys, quizzes, detail entry) reports all easily accessible and constantly refreshing.
  • Personalised surveys or competitions to gain direct market information.
Market research sample landing page

Use a Video Platform for Effective Market Research 

We provide an easy-to-use video marketing platform that is ideal for testing consumer responses. You have the ability to analyse specific individuals or overall data for company market research.

 VidCorp provides a holistic platform enabling businesses to analyse and keep track of consumer information and behaviour which are key points for market research.