An Effective Way to Get Your Customers to Market and Advocate for You

Video marketing is one of the most effective at accessing, engaging and converting both new and existing customers. 92% of mobile video consumers share videos with others (1), proving that video is not only well-received, it’s enjoyed! Social sharing is just one of the many benefits of video marketing.

Consider the following statistics:

  • 80% of viewers (2) recall a video advertisement they have seen in the past 30 days.
  • Landing pages with video result in 130% more conversions (3).
  • Including video in an email increases click-through rates by 200 – 300% (4).

Video Marketing Service Benefits

Direct marketing enables one to one communications that convert leads into customers. When you combine video with direct SMS and mobile marketing in your campaigns, you have the ability to provide customers with the information they want exactly when and how they want it.

video content distribution

Highly Targeted Distribution

Easily target your audience while increasing ROI and engagement with potential clients through video and SMS marketing. Get an in-depth look at your viewers and attach an identity to them with our analytical feedback and viewing reports and insights.

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Branded Landing Pages

Utilise your branded landing page. Did you know that 88% of visitors stay longer on a site with prominent video displayed (5). Those that stay longer spend an average of 120 seconds more on a retail site and are 64% more likely to purchase after viewing a single product video (6).

Customer Engagement

Direct Marketing and Advertising

Direct marketing and advertising is all about giving the client what they want, when they want it and in the form they request it. With our services, you can utilise multiple video distribution tools (SMS marketing, email, social media, QR codes) to extend your reach.


Attract, Engage and Convert

Video marketing and advertising allows you to attract, engage and convert new and existing clients. Moving customers down the sales funnel with the use of video is an actionable way to increase engagement, build brand awareness and maximise leads.

Simple Video Marketing Platform

  • Upload and distribute your own video in a simple and intuitive platform.
  • Customisable landing pages allow you to easily add brand logos, polls and surveys, calls to action, social media buttons and direct marketing opt-ins/outs.
  • Easy access to the database of contacts with ready-to-use distribution templates.
Marketing sample landing page

Video Advertising Platform Uses

  • Direct one-to-one marketing
  • Increasing loyalty and lead nurturing
  • Increasing reach and engagement
  • Lead generation

 VidCorp provides a holistic platform that enables you to take complete control of your brand and direct marketing efforts. With our online video platform, you can optimise your marketing and communications potential.