Do You Know What Score Your Company Currently Is?

Did you know that net promotor score (NPS) response rates as low as 10%(1) are  considered successful? NPS is used to drive growth by improving customer satisfaction in a variety of businesses.  Many companies use emails with text-based surveys lacking in any engaging material, we provide a new, fresh and intuitive way to build your net promotor score.

Benefits of using Net Promoter Score with Video

Have you evaluated your current customer satisfaction? Even the most successful businesses always have room for improvement. If you are ready to improve your net promoter video score, take a look at how we can help you.

Survey Forms

Greater Survey Completions

500% more people complete SMS survey rather than email surveys (2). That’s because they are perceived to be more personal, and less often viewed as SPAM.

Greater Personalisation

Greater Personalistion

Video invitation to the survey is personalised and requires less effort than reading.

Customer Engagement

Gain Customer Feedback

In a addition to the “Will you recommend question” ask more questions to gain greater customer insights. Asking promoters for video testimonials enables your prospects to view how others rate your company, so you build greater trust with new customers.

Net Promoter Score Icon

Make the First Impression Count

Make a better first impression, create trust, avoid spam filtering, and reach customers at a personal level

VidCorp Makes NPS Simple

We offer our clients easy to use and customisable  polls, surveys and forms. This makes it simple to customise and build your own rating system to engage your customers and increase your net promoter video score.

Additional VidCorp NPS Benefits include;

  • Survey analytics are sent immediately to chosen emails.
  • Contact reports are stored on platform indefinitely, aggregated and individual.
  • Landing pages are easily branded and video instructions easily uploaded to allow for seamless interaction.
NPS sample landing page

Use Net Promoter Score for

VidCorp provides a simple and engaging way to build net promoter score and customer feedback.

We help you customise and streamline your customer satisfaction rating methods in a simple and easy-to-use platform.  We are strong believers that satisfaction drives loyalty. Let us help you improve your customer satisfaction today!