Training and Education is Key to Building a Collaborative and Well-Informed Team

Video proves to be 85% more effective (1) in engaging the viewer and aiding them in retaining information in comparison to merely reading it. The more senses you can involve in the learning process; the better information is digested. For this reason, more and more companies are discovering the benefits of online training for continued education as well as training videos for new hires.

It comes as no surprise that millennials  are video savvy, and as they enter the workforce, providing them with educational training videos and online training sites increases the speed with which they will be ready to jump into their new role. Most adults have grown up watching and learning from TV. This is why video learning and communication has such an impact. Micro learning is a great way to engage staff with multiple channels. By using videos as part of the micro learning agenda, all generations will better adapt to their new responsibilities while learning at a faster pace.

Benefits of Educational and Training Videos

Training videos prove to be mutually beneficial for employees and the companies that hire them.


Videos Engage

Using videos to engage and retain information – In fact, messages are retained 95% more than reading words (2).

Increase ROI

Increase ROI and Retention

Increased ROI’s and click through rates. Videos under 1-minute show 80% viewer retention, but 2-3 minutes still have 60% retention (3) (longer videos/all videos enjoy 50% viewing of the whole video).


Cost Effective and Direct

Cost-effective training, fewer days and people required for multiple training sessions. Direct messaging and monitored analytics allows for assurance of completed and quality training.

Direct Marketing

On the Go Content Consumption

Enable your students and workforce to learn on the go. Bite size training videos can be consumed by sales representatives, executives or other team members on the road during dead times such as cab rides, airports and meeting waiting rooms.

VidCorp Makes Video and Online Training Easy

Not only does online training save your company money, but it also saves you valuable time. With VidCorp’s easy-to-use video platform, creating training videos with quizzes is simple and easy.

  • Easy-to-use analytics, reports (both aggregated and individual level, giving personalised training details and aggregated reports for a whole team or campaign).
  • Creation of databases for staff – this makes it simple to separate teams into groups or personalised messages to individuals.
  • Landing pages can be saved as templates, re-used, and saved as campaigns to monitor particular training programs or demos.
  • Broad ways of sending for any staff members (Email, SMS, QR, Social Media).
Tourism sample landing page

How to Use Educational Videos and Online Learning

  • Training videos for new staff – decreases overall training time and costs associated with it.
  • Education for OH&S or necessary renewal of safety training for continuing staff.
  • How-to videos or demonstrations.
  • Micro-learning that is flexible and takes place outside the normal training confines. Uses social and other collaborative forms for training and learning.
  • Course introductions/university reminders.

 VidCorp provides a communications platform allowing for quick, directed, and effective training and education videos for both large corporations and university/school inductions or course reminders.